Wednesday, April 28

a full moon, a happy cat, an electric kettle

Back home. Whew! 2,791.1 miles in 9 days. And I was there to see my car's speedometer hit 123,456.

Back to a full moon, a hugely grown garden, a happy cat, and a pile of laundry including some thrifted clothing from a Goodwill on the drive home today. This morning I woke up in our tent in Tennessee, near a river rising with mist and speckled with little flying birds. It got unexpectedly down into the 30*'s overnight but we did alright. I was expecting frost when we awoke but there was only a very cold dew on everything.

All day long on our drive home, azure and cerulean skies spread themselves with big white puffy crinkly clouds shifting into giant salamanders, rabbits, and snakes. We had made up a bed in the back of my wagon to alternately stretch out, nap, and read ~ so nice.

I like the transition from travelin' to being home again: all day long I was thinking of home things: things I haven't thought all week. About how big the poppies would be. If the chives sprouted (they have: purple puffs). If I really need all my stuff (I see some more decluttering and paring down happening this week.) About how I need more daily adventures in my life ~ how easy it is for me to get comfortable, and stay comfortable, even when I've outgrown it.

About how when I travel, traffic and waiting and unexpected challenges just seem interesting, not annoying ~ and why it doesn't seem like that at home.

And now I'm here, back home: with lots to do & lots to think about. It's nice. I missed my electric kettle. We got home after dark, so I'm looking forward to seeing the garden in the morning.

This greeted me in the mail. (I love checking the pile of mail when I get home!)

Sigh. Happy.