Friday, April 23

nashville to new orleans

Nashville didn't knock my socks off. I think it's probably a city of hidden treasures. We did find Crema, a little cafe, and ate a delicious lunch (three cheese panini & tomato soup) at Diana's Sweet Shoppe (which can also sell you a 4.5 lb. Gummi Bear.) On the surface of the city I didn't find much to dig my teeth into. I'm not much of a bar girl and don't really like the decibels and crowds of live music. But I enjoyed those little spots we found and am sure we'd find more if we knew the city better.

above taken by Tim

We got to New Orleans this afternoon and, upon arrival, Tim enjoyed a pipe (while I wished for a cup of tea) & I caught up a bit in front of the fishpond by our bungalow. We're staying at the India House Backpacker's Hostel. It was thundering and cracking lightning so we donned ponchos before we caught a trolley down to the French Quarter. I brought my trusty battered umbrella so I don't get raindrops sprinkled on my glasses. Most annoying.

We wandered, looked, explored, got lost, got found. So beautiful here, even if the rain is ankle deep in the streets. Ate beignets (and cafe au lait for Tim) at Cafe du Monde, inspected Mexican ex-votos in the voodoo shops, ate crabcakes and jambalaya, looked in galleries, stopped again for tea...I'm liking this city. The trolleys are so fun! And the colors...the colors. Tomorrow I'm heading to the Insectarium & possibly the French Market ~ and I'd like to find a bookstore, all while Tim's at JazzFest.

Presently I'm tucked away in our tiny bungalow (and I mean deliciously tiny: about big enough for the bed), which is made up with our comforter and pillows brought in from the car. Heaven. The fan is blowing, the fishpond is bubbling, I can hear muted and not-so-muted voices, an accordion, rainfall, some jazz...but lovely of lovelies, I can just chill privately in here. I always need privacy at some point when I travel: at the very least at the end of the day. Time to recharge, without people, and read, do some stretching, find some peace and quiet. It's absolute heaven. I'm so glad Tim's happy to go out and mingle without me, knowing I'm happier than a clam at high tide in here, content with my journal, cameras, books.

And, without further ado, New Orleans, so far as I know it:

above 2 photos by Tim