Wednesday, April 14

nun's wishes

"There was a marvelous view from the windows, the bed was clean and so was the whitewashed room. There was a chair, a washstand, and a chest of drawers..."  ~ from Mr. Parker Pyne, Detective, by Agatha Christie

That explains my ideal room. When I was young, I always wanted to be a nun. I imagined a simple life, with cotton dresses and an herb garden (kind of like Brother Cadfael), and lots and lots of time alone.  Time to write and take baths with lavender floating in it, collect root vegetables for hearty soups and make fresh bread. (see Thale's Folly.) You can see I didn't grow up catholic. I think it was really a mix of Heidi, Georgia O'Keefe, a hermit and a hippie.

I find that simplicity comes as the result of a very stringent filter. Breathes because I weed out that which would smother it. I try, at least. Like a nun or a hermit, or Georgia O'Keefe. I think, in the end, that's what I longed for ~ peace, and the ability to create my own life, and nurture my own solitude.

"There was a chair, a washstand, and a chest of drawers..."

I strive to bring things back to that.