Saturday, May 1

tea & clovers

The cat is asleep with her face resting on her side. I'm not sure how she does this (owl ancestry?) or if it's even at all comfortable.

I keep taking photos with my new SX-70 Polaroid Land Camera, just to make sure it's really working. Call me twitchy. It's turning out some nice shots (above) but is producing photos that are more overexposed than I was getting with my other SX-70, (see story here) which is presently boxed up and ready to go to a Magic Man I found who might be able to fix it.

Today is a day for working on Etsy orders (I love doing special orders ~ makes me feel kind of magical and wish-granting myself,) going for a walk in this heady summery shimmery weather, possibly at the arboratum, and decluttering. Serious purging is going on around these parts since I got home from my road trip.

Nice and cool in here with the ceiling fan on, the sunshine streaming into the garden, the birds calling. Tea boiling. I'm reading Birds, Beasts and Relatives now, on my continuous Gerald Durrell kick, and came across this sentence...

"Then Theodore and I would relax and discuss the day's work, drinking gallons of hot, stimulating tea and gorging ourselves on golden scones, bubbling with butter, fresh from Mother's oven."

Need I continue?

Enjoy your weekend ~