Saturday, April 3

a tea polka

Weekend so far...

Bought some echinacea//prairie coneflower seeds.

Popcorn-white trees blooming.

Saw a woman walking in green tweeds with robin's eggshell blue tights. Sigh.

Went to the Co-op: bought strawberries, pears, chocolate.

Watching our rottweiler, Donovan, vacuuming up the kitchen floor. If we didn't have dogs, I think Tim & I would be known as "slobs." But we do, so we're known as "tidy."

Lined the tea drawer and my jewelry drawer with vintage yellow patterned fabric. So pretty!

Washed the bird feeder that holds black oil sunflower seeds. Cardinals, we're ready for you...

Embroidered a moleskine notebook with a pouring teapot for sale in a local shop...I like it so much I might do one for my etsy shop. And for myself.

Now, I'm heading back to the garden to plant those seeds. All the house windows are open for airing! I love this weather.

Enjoy your weekend in whatever ways you do!