Monday, April 12

tea stories

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who drew. All she drew came true. She drew jungle flowers and giraffes and letters, boats and candles and firelight. She drew dreams, cockpits, dogs, and tables. She drew people around the tables eating foods in vivid colors. She drew the breezes, the wind, the stars, the songs. She drew readers, sewers, acrobats, and grandmothers. She gave memories back to those who had forgotten. She gave futures to lost babies, families to lost dogs, and dentures to those who had lost their teeth. She drew seeds that sprouted in African deserts. She gave the lions back their savannas, the hippos back their rivers, the orchids back their rainforest. She gave plastic back to the inventors and hired woodcarvers and metalworkers and weavers to ply their trades. She gave children the right to self-regulate, and drew away all the rules and the shoulds. She drew a world with room for everyone, and drew it healthy, and drew it good.