Thursday, April 1

tins & stuff

I've been decluttering a bit lately. Spring fever. Going through everything I've been living with all winter in our small house ~ and if it doesn't grab my gut, isn't useful in some way ~ it goes to the thrift shop, the consignment store, or the recycle bin. I'm brutal. I don't keep gifts or books or anything extra. I appreciate the thought but generally let things pass through. I do notice, though, that what I have, is stuff I really really like. Stuff that makes me happy to look at. Brings me to smiling. To remembering. To loving my home and my tries and my attempts and my choices.

As I let go of some of these old, possibly valuable, heavy, grabby possessions I don't need, I notice a few collections are really gaining ground amongst the loved things left ~ books I'll reread each year, vintage Pyrex bowls, my collection of nature-themed works of art by other artists, vintage tins, my grama's Fiestaware mixed with mine, wool blankets....and tea, among other things. (An edible collection, that last.)

And the more I surround myself with loved and loving possessions, the more I filter out the ones that aren't. The ones that make me sigh, groan, feel guilty, numb out, or silently promise to lose 5 pounds. The ones tied to old, stale memories. Frankly, I don't need that shit.

Paring down what is around me refocuses me on the inside too. It naturally follows that I start thinking about old, possibly valuable, heavy, grabby ways of being that I perhaps don't want to have in my life anymore. And people and situations who are like that, too. It can be quite invigorating.