Thursday, May 6

all work and no play

I've been working hard lately on getting those Polaroid prints up and running (my brain feels like fuzz) and took a break yesterday evening. Of course I spent the break taking photos, wandering and weeding in the garden with the cat underfoot, and looking for four-leafed clovers in the lawn.

Which reminds me of my dog walking lately. When they stop to sniff, I stop to look for four-leafed clovers. I tend to be the one still lingering when they tug on the other end of the leash.

I also, amongst the endless errands yesterday (how do errands expand like marshmallows in the microwave?), went to Produce Junction for bananas to freeze for smoothies, and found some amazing purple strawflowers with yellow centers.

And here they are greeting me like little Inca suns.

What have you done lately that's a little bit special for yourself?