Friday, May 7

fun facts of myself

I collect Pyrex bowls. Confront me with a Pyrex bowl at a thrift shop and it's probably coming home with me.

I make at least one pot of tea every day even though I can't handle much caffeine.

I eat honey straight.

I like weeding.

I have to be barefoot in the house.

I throw water balloons against my garden wall when I feel just too angry for anything.

I pluck at stoplights.

While driving, if there's a hawk sitting in a tree anywhere in the vicinity, I'll spot it.

When I travel, I always bring home a rock.

I have to take off all my jewelry at night.

I wear earplugs at the movies.

I love writing letters by hand.

I can feel my eyelashes catching on each other and sometimes that drives me nuts.

My teeth are placed in such a way that there is this certain spot where pieces of spinach, etc. always catch. When I ask my husband how my teeth are after a meal out, he always looks right at that spot to see if I'm in the clear.

I make chocolate chip scones an average of once a week. Recipe here.

I like following garage sale signs.


What about you? Care to share a fun fact or two of note about yourself?