Tuesday, May 4

little beast

Yesterday I took some of my polaroids over to a local photo shop to get prints made. I'm very excited to say I might have some prints for sale in my shop very soon! I. adore. Polaroid. They make me giddy with their magic. I've been doing a lot of revamping in my shop this week, it's rather my focus, and I'm really looking forward to finishing up and having all be crisp and clean. It's kind of like making the bed: my shop's been rumpled and slept in all winter, but now ~ airing out and fresh sheets are getting the job done. I suppose it's Spring Cleaning.
My new used SX-70 arrived in the mail the other day, and I call it my little beast. It must have been sitting around in a basement since, oh, the seventies, for it's a bit mouldy. Looks like a world globe on the leather. But works just fine, except that the focus dial doesn't actually work. So, each shot is a guess on the depth of field. For some reason, this doesn't bother me. I have a pretty good eye for a foot, or a foot & a half, or whatnot, and it's rather exciting playing with it. I'm taking shots I wouldn't normally take. Very exciting!

In fact, life's feeling pretty exciting in general about now. The sun is beaming, the purple poppies are bursting up from the soil in silky wrinkled little green packages, the beets are growing even more red-stemmed, the white irises have popped. The fan is blowing and I'm even a bit chilly, which is pretty nice since yesterday was so humid any open books laying around were warping. The neighborhood hawk is keeeeew!-ing high above, so high she looks like a dot and we must look like toys.