Saturday, May 29

nature calls

I've been taking time the past few days to visit the gardens at Morris Arboratum. Yesterday, while sitting on a secret hidden bench amongst the honeysuckle, a bow-legged and extremely furry woodchick sauntered by me, not three feet from my left ankle. He did not know I was there. Woodchucks are the pirates of the local fauna - independent, unwashed, with an Aaarr!on their lips as they boldly hang out in dangerous places (grazing roadside, for example.) This hoary little fellow was no different. Bold and swashbuckling. I watched him as he swaggered off, following a path hidden under the mint.

Then I turned to see where he had come from and saw, gliding along, a prim, lithe, yellow-striped garter snake. Lovely and silent and watchful.

And two hummingbirds came, feeding from tall purple spires of meadow sage.

Bees buzzed, and the air was filled with the smell of roses, so strong it was almost visible.