Monday, May 24

a philosophy of weeds

In my world lately, my life seems to be mostly about the inside of my studio, the inside of my bookshelf, and the garden. And the pets. The pets are what make me go out for my walk every day, sometimes more than once. They're there when I cook, curl up on the couch with a book, do yoga on the rug, and work in the studio. They know the sound of my car, and of my footstep on the front stoop.

But the only one who's allowed in the garden with me is Mimi. No dogs allowed in the garden. I've seen the seeds take sprout and grow this spring ~ the hidden roots of the perennials returning to send up shoots that are now small bushes of pink aster, furry chamomile, bright yarrow, majestic foxglove beardtongue, and meadow sage, which tower above the smaller herbs. Mimi cannot now be seen when she walks in the garden. She can blend in, disappear, you'll never see her again. With any luck, she's got the grail already... Cough. Sorry...sidetracked. (name that movie!)

I was weeding today: more specifically, pulling up the lovely rampaging purple allysum that took off like wildfire from a couple of packets of seed. Gardening, to me, is always an interesting echo of living my life. Finding the balance of what does best where, in what amounts, and pruning and trimming when necessary. Thinning the allysum is the tough decision this week ~ those pretty little plants, growing there in their they steal the sun so delicately from my herbaceous border. It's tough to pull them up. They're so present: there, now, alive. I feel for them. As my husband quoted to me the other day, A weed is just a plant in the wrong place.

It's so sweet how he remembers what I tell him.

In other news this week ~ On wednesday, my artwork and photography will be featured by Sheena Jibson over at The Little Red House. It's part of her artist spotlight series, and a little interview with yours truly will be there, along with a giveaway! If you've a mind to, stop by over there ~ (I love her photography.)