Monday, May 3

Reasons why camping is The Best

1. Simplicity: life becomes very, very basic.

2.  Living with less, at least for a short time.

3. Other campers and what they brought: their dogs, their rugs, their cockatiel. The little touches that reveal their lives.

4. The incredible perspectives I gain on my everyday life.

5. Being out in the weather. Rain, Shine, Wind, Dark. Experiencing the reality of the natural world.

6. Setting up camp and then putting the water on to boil for pasta, slicing some cheese, eating a pear, and reading my book.

7. Using the camp stove for tea.

8. How normal events become special and valued: a shower, a quiet space, a creek walk, time to write, to think, to sit with my journal and tea.

9. Waking up each night and hearing the animals, the river, the crickets. The raccoon throwing the trashcan lid and scaring the bejeebers out of me..

10. Climbing out of the tent each morning, early, and seeing the world in that light.

11. The wealth of things to collect for my journal ~ 4-leaf clovers, flowers, drops of tea.

12. Enduring the discomforts because they provide a clear backdrop for shining the pleasantries so strongly.