Saturday, May 15


Oh, what lovely weather! That breeze, that sun, that saturday feeling. The cat doing her saturday yoga.

I was just laying on my stomach in the back garden, getting a photo of Mimi crouched in the yarrow (she thinks no one can see her) when I heard the characteristic BBBHHHHHHHhhh of a hummingbird overhead. I happened to be right under the feeder, so caught a glimpse of his silhouette against the blue sky. I think I frightened him ~ here he was, hungry from a long journey up north, sees a lovely red feeder, and just as he's about to sip, the ground beneath twists into a ponytailed, yoga-pant-wearing person. With a camera. He took off.

I immediately came inside and made fresh sugar-water. And a pot of tea. I refilled the feeder and of course every 30 seconds I'm popping up to see if he's back.

He'll be back.

Last summer we had a hummer stay for weeks ~ defending our feeder against other hummers ~ perching daintily on the cosmos stems. I checked on him multiple times per hour. One day, our rottweiler Donovan was laying under the feeder, sunning himself like a good turtle. We had just been to the beach the day before, and the green horseflies were so demonic we'd had to wrap the dogs in the beach blankets. So there's Donovan, sleeping nose deep in clover, when a huge BBBBHHHHHhhhh noise awakens him from peaceful slumber ~ there, hovering a foot away, is the biggest horsefly he's ever seen in his life. You could see this is what he was thinking. Oh my god, that thing is enormous. And the hummingbird's suspiciously hovering there thinking, What's that huge beast gonna do to me? I don't know who was more freaked out. It so happened that both Tim and I were present for this spectacle and we were both in stitches. I just love a good laugh, don't you?

I'm heading back out with my pot of tea ~ Enjoy your weekend, and whatever it brings!