Thursday, May 27

the studio universe

This is the first photo out of my repaired SX-70 Polaroid Land camera since it has returned from the void ~ a neccessary development since I had dropped it right before my New Orleans trip a few weeks back. Looks good as new! Thank goodness. Though I have been charmed by my back-up SX-70, know the story...

Life is good.

I have a show coming up in about 10 days ~ one I do each year, at Orchard Artworks, a cooperative fine arts & crafts gallery. We, the members (from knitters to woodworkers to printmakers) run the gallery, set up shows, do press releases: all the minutiae of running a gallery. It's rather fun and very interesting. Not least is the fact that the gallery is placed in a semi-restored revolutionary-war era farmhouse, which used to be surrounded by apple orchards (hence, the name.) (Here's me at last year's opening.)

So my present days are spent at a messy studio desk, rooting around and exploring, and making art. I'll post some photos before the show goes up. Sometimes, if I'm working on some portable sewing, I can work in the backyard. But, I have to watch it, because if I get up...

I don't get my seat back.

FYI * (Comments close at midnight tonight for the giveaway from my Artist Spotlight interview over at Sheena's blog, The Little Red House!)