Wednesday, May 26

time to read, (& a giveway!)

Last night's moon was stunning ~ glowing in a humid blue sky while I, wearing crimson and fuschia and velvet, sat underneath, on white clover, and saw it.

Then I went inside, poured a seltzer & oj, lit a candle, and watched the DVR'd last episode of Lost with Tim. Oh, Lost. Long have I half-watched you while reading a book, my feet in Tim's lap to take advantage of the fact that he squeezes them during stressful sequences...

I've been reading a completely riveting book series lately, and it's actually been affecting my studio work. As in, I'd rather read than work. Ahem...It's to the point where I have to set my timer to limit my reading throughout the day. I'm the type of reader who, with clarity and focus, could sit down and read through a whole day. And way into the wee hours of the morning. For obvious reasons, I usually try not to book-binge like that very often. (When I do, it's a complete wonderful luxury!) That's where the timer comes in. I feel a little silly about it ~ but it seems to be working. Most days I use the timer to focus my work ~ with my studio in the house, the distractions are numerous. Never have I used it to limit my reading!

How do you balance things like that? Anyone else have this kind of experience?

*Be sure to stop over at Sheena Jibson's blog, The Little Red House, today ~ She's doing a feature on my work and photography and I've made something special for a giveaway!