Wednesday, June 23

it's hot and we're coping, but only just

It's a scorcher out there. On the way back from the beach, we heard on the radio the expected high was 96...  But the day is here and, although undeniably warm, is not impossible. Many glasses of iced water are being drunk.

Why does our dog Lucy lay in the sun on a day like today? I do not know. She's like a magnet attracted to full sunlight, panting and steaming until we command her to the shade. Usually within a few minutes she creeps back out into the sun.

Basil has popped up (peppers, hear this? hello?) and the herbs are flowering. Bees are aplenty. Each morning Tim puts his iPod on and waters the thirsty garden. We had a lovely time at the beach ~ I love walking on wet firm sand, with the occasional wave to rinse my feet...  And in about an hour I leave for the airport to pick up a friend who's visiting for a few days.  Fun times ahead, accompanied by many a glass of iced tea. (In the mornings I sip iced tea and feel decadent.)