Tuesday, June 15

new work in ye olde shop!

Yup. There's new work in the shop.

Otherwise I've been making plans. Lots of plans to be outside as much as possible. Thinking of what portable work I can take with me ~ sewing is always good. This balmy, crisp, warm yet cool weather always gets me feelin' all shimmery inside, like I have to travel or I'm gonna burst. It's spring fever. I start looking at the cheap flights on travelocity, and planning road trips. I have far too many plans to reasonably do. One is to drive up to Maine with my dog Lucy. I've never been to Maine and am in the mood for rocks, pine, and sea. I'm jonesin' to hit the road.

Another plan is Europe, somewhere, sometime, somehow. On the cheap. Living out of a backpack is my joy. I keep planning on how I can do it lighter and lighter each time. The first time I ever backpacked in Europe (10 years ago this fall, gack), my bag weighed so much. I've blocked how much it weighed completely from my memory. Let me just say, a full-sized toothpaste is not needed in Europe. You can buy toothpaste there. And shampoo. A full-sized bottle of shampoo is not needed. Ahem.

When Tim and I went for two months in 2006, my pack was much lighter. Very light in fact, as Tim kept trying to carry everything. That's the trip where we went to Italy and he insisted on carrying a half-gallon of olive oil in his pack. Somehow it opened up and soaked everything. That's my fondest memory of Siena. My theory is to pack light, since you can always buy what you need there, if you even turn out to need it.

You know, that's kind of my theory at home, too.

I can't wait to get going again. Soon. Somehow. Even for a week. Or two.