Friday, June 25

sea, sand & scallops

...and off to the beach we went, my friend and I.

It's so fun to have Somer visit.

Walking and talking on the beach, books and journals by our sides, filling with sand. Digging our feet into the cool beach. Cooking scallops with garlic and capellini. Reading in the quiet evening with Lucy by our side. Watching thunderstorms from the windows. Swimming in the cold Atlantic. Driving back home this evening through the city, to greet the garden & the pets, and drink a cool glass of water.

A quick rendevouz with Tim (bearing an orange rose which he got for free because the local flower shop was giving away a free rose to anyone named Tim ~ they change the name daily) (and he picked orange to remind me of his hair and thus him...) while he headed off downtown.

Somer & I are making scallops again, brought home fresh from the beach.

...and then there's time for a movie ~ possibly Wild Strawberries by Ingmar Bergman, or Restless Natives, perhaps a bit of moon and stars on the cool porch...

Is life any better than these moments?