Tuesday, July 6

Instructions For Our Grandchild

{me and gramom ellie}

Last year my PopPop handed me some typed sheets in an envelope that he had found in his desk. They dated back to 1978, when I was just over 1 year old, and he and my Gramom had watched me for 6 weeks while my older brother was having brain surgery.  (he's okay now.) PopPop is a list kind of person (a trait he passed on to me) and I found this collection rather great.

I no longer do the dolphin kick when I'm angry, but I do like eggs and cheese for breakfast, while watching the dogs and birds.

Wouldn't it be interesting to have a list like this for each year of your life? I'm going to write one for the present year, and try to keep it up. I'm always looking for something special to do on New Year's day, for instance. I'm going to go put a Post-it on the calendar to remind myself in December...