Sunday, August 22

bread baking & banana-peach pancakes

{Polaroid by Tim! I love the one polka dot and the one raisin.}

Bread baked while camping tastes the best ~ warm slices dripping with either olive oil and salt, or spread with strawberry jam with lumps of strawberry mixing with the fragrant chewy loaf...

Actually, everything pretty much tastes fantastic when camping just because of the sheer amount of labor that goes into cooking. Collect firewood, kindling ~ mix bread ingredients (check over shoulder for bears attracted to food scent) knead bread and set to rise, start fire ~ allow to collect coals, heat up dutch oven, toss bread in to start baking, wait 45 minutes...

Whew! But that's the great thing about camping ~ other than trolling around in the canoe, or reading another chapter of your book (Persuasion), or watching butterflies, or setting up the bedding in the tent, what is there to do? We spend a lot of time each day deciding on the dinner menu:

fire-cooked inch-thick pork chops
with a touch of Worcester sauce
on a bed of dutch-oven sauteed apples and onions
followed with a selection of
fresh cherries

And we had big plans for banana-peach pancakes, but it rained that morning. We ended up driving into the next town and finding that breakfast place where everyone was (I snuck my own special maple syrup in) and I got my pancakes that way.

{our cast-iron dutch oven baking bread}