Saturday, September 4

in the garden

wishes float by, out of reach,

floury against the blue

and finally one careens in at top speed

takes a swift low swoop, and

I catch it.

the hummingbird visits,

confused that I have moved the feeder

I let unknown seedlings grow too big,

and today have pulled them up so

all my favorite deliberates show -

the daisy, the meadow sage, the echinacea,

the lavender, the aster, the herbs low in front

with the dark peppers growing up amongst them like trees.

the seedum like a strange australian forest,

the purple salvia regal, the sunflowers peeking,

the rosemary sweeping, the lariope joyous.

it feels like my garden again, just as I like it

molded by my hands,

risen like bread into this seeded shape

I spring among the stones

between the bees, trying not to hit their blooms

with my hips.