Saturday, September 11

it's saturday

The way in which water seeks its own level, levels itself off in an adjustment that is an authentic expression of its very nature, is analgous to a way in which we can live our lives if we are willing to persevere consistently in attentive loyalty to our own individuality. By keeping on being what we most intimately are, we can continually redefine ourselves so that we become what we have not before been able to be. If we live this way, we surprise ourselves.

~ from Turn: Journal of an Artist, by Anne Truitt

It's taken me a while to finish that book, which I found unexpectedly in a thrift shop stack. It's very thin and each day's entry is like a gem to be treasured and absorbed slowly, like reading the Tao Te Ching, or Pablo Neruda's poems, or the journals of the poet May Sarton. Finding passages that ring inside of me, clarifying, comforting and confirming.

This morning the sun shines, the cat has come in from the garden with cobwebs on her whiskers and I look forward to a little hand-sewing. Later ~ brunch with Tim at our favorite little place.

Enjoy your weekend!