Sunday, September 12

a moment in the rainy garden

a moment in the rainy garden, originally uploaded by flypeterfly.

Awakened to hear rainfall gentle at the windows. It's been so parched lately, and this rain is very welcome.

A solitary breakfast this morning ~ nutmeg-cinnamon pancakes with loads of hot sliced bananas, strawberries and mango pieces, drizzled with warm pure maple syrup from our trip to Vermont.


This afternoon ~ a three-hour round trip drive (with book on cd, of course) to an art opening I have a sculpture in, then back to enjoy the rainy garden and this gorgeous Sunday weather. I hope it continues to rain.

Right now I'm sipping blue tea from my San Francisco trip this past spring ~ I love purchasing special things while traveling, and using them later, imbued with thoughts and memories of the places they came from.

It is a chilly day, and I welcome wearing a sweater, feeling all bundled up and ready for fall to really arrive. Last night I curled up on the couch in an afghan and watched some more of my current addiction, the BBC series Wives & Daughters. (Before that, I watched all of Cranford.) Reading-wise, I've just begun A Book of Silence, by Sara Maitland ~ very good. I feel myself slowing down and turning inward in these cooler days, and longing more for slower, deeper books with a bit of food for thought to them.

What do you find yourself reading and doing as fall begins?