Monday, September 6

the summer's waning

{taken by Tim, this summer at the beach}

I've been spending time outside on these invigoratingly cool days, trying to slow down and see the richness of all that is happening in the garden. The hummingbird, Pebble, is visiting very often ~ seemingly there each time I walk outside. She sits on the little stick I've affixed to the feeder, which hangs over the daisies. Pebble's impossibly still, with an occasional complete ruffling of her feathers ~ a shimmy in miniature. She awaits rivals, and becomes devastatingly swift and crisp in the defense of her feeder, returning victorious from an air battle to fluff her tummy feathers and wipe her bill.

My heart is full of deep summer, waning now into autumn. I make bread every few days, a small simple loaf with flexible ingredients, tossing whatever I feel like into the dough ~ flaxseed or rosemary, oats, honey. I've been making a lot of piecrusts for various things.

A part of me feels, in my bones, that I want to literally fly ~ to go somewhere, to follow this breeze that invites, excites, carries. In a few weeks I'll be heading out to Portland and Seattle for this retreat, a perfect parallel to how I feel. I have some free time before and after to explore the area, which is all new to me.

I also found this a couple of days ago and am now setting myself to memorizing it. Check out this shop ~ and these Polaroids! One Two Three Four Five