Tuesday, September 7

an unexpected morning

This weather just makes me want to jump all over.

I woke up in the sunshine yesterday, wandered yawning down the stairs, and looked down into the room in which we had housed a 10-person potluck the night before. I expected to see chairs scattered here and there, plates and glasses and watermelon rinds. But it was spotless. I discovered that Tim had cleaned it all up long after I had drifted up to bed at 11. Our wooden table, which triples as dining area, desk and my backup studio table, was clean and clear ~ gone were all traces of the shepherd's pie and a stunning strawberry & spinach salad that I had had two helpings of.

It was magical. The house seemed made of layers: how I had last seen it and what I saw in front of me. Which is another thing I like about parties ~ the satisfactory quiet of the following day. I sat right down in the unexpected tidiness and began working:

And made these. You can find them here.

And these ~ you can find them here.

It was a wonderful morning. Unexpected and very special.

I went for a stroll later and found a red cardinal feather, checked out the neighbor's heirloom tomatoes, and watched a corgi crash a baseball game. She ran all over the field and even popped by to give hellos at the stands, while her owner hallooed without effect from up the hill.

Then I wandered home again under cerulean skies, pondered bees in the garden and took the Polaroid at the top of this post. I love holidays spent at home.

What have you been enjoying this past weekend?