Wednesday, October 13

portland was

I often process a trip for ages and ages when I'm far beyond it ~ when I'm actually home again, possibly even years later.

Portland, Oregon really stole my heart. I stayed each night at the HI Hostel Northwest in the Pearl district, and in the mornings I'd stroll over to the Byways Cafe and order a cup of green tea and their famous blue corn pancakes. Then I'd wander off and pop into a tea shop for another cup of tea and, thus fortified, explore what took my fancy.

I got sucked into Cargo. I could have, literally, furnished my whole house happily from it. The owners travel the world, occasionally sending back large sturdy crates packed with whatever unique surprises they find. I actually was in there for quite a long time, then left, got a cup of tea, and decided to return. It's that good.

(I'm noticing that I drank a lot of tea on my trip.)

The Portland Art Museum's native american art ~ stunning:

basket, 1900-20
willow, sedge root, clam shell beads,
magnetite beads, abalone shell,
meadowlark and quail feathers


dance headdress
Tlingit, late 19th century
wood, paint, abalone shell,
swan down, flicker feathers,
sea lion whiskers, cloth, copper

sigh. perfection.

...and the Japanese Garden. Go there. As many times as you can. Just look:

Cobwebs. In the sky.

This place was magic.