Friday, October 29

rainy day hike


On wednesday we went for a rainy day hike, and the forest was filled to shining with hillsides of rainy glowing yellow, crimson, deep oranges, crisp browns, damp and glistening tones of all warm shades of color. I was all eyeballs. (Tim was very patient because when I get all eyeballs I tend to take lots of pictures and I don't hike very fast.)

We hiked along the tops of the cliffs (reminding me of here) and gazed out over hillsides hazy with rain and muted colors. It would be less worrisome to hike without the dogs (clifftop!) ...but then things wouldn't be nearly as fun, either.

Slipping and sliding our way mountainside-down, we hiked along the Tohickon Creek and decided to come back sometime so Tim could go fishing ~ and listening to the river rush among the black rocks slick as turtles would be a perfect background for reading a book (my activity of choice.)

I think this is my favorite season.

xo brooke

*all photos taken at Ralph Stover state park