Sunday, October 17

a little bit of sunday

I spent the afternoon in the garden, elbow-deep in rainbow chard and fennel, tying back the rain-flattened plants and clipping armfuls of basil to make pesto. A few jars of this got popped into the freezer for mid-winter reminders ~ and I enjoyed a dollop mixed with warm brown rice.

This morning I hauled my computer to my favorite cafe, settled down with a cup of tea and a very large slice of sour cream coffee cake, and then discovered they didn't have wi-fi. Fortunately I had both Daybook: Journal of an Artist* and A Book of Silence** to pore over. I always seem to be in a mood to study at a cafe, and wished I had brought a book in italian (Lo Hobbit) to practice and brush up. Did I mention that my birthday gift from Tim was a set of French lessons on cds? I pounced on them ~ I've been wanting to learn french ever since I found out my great-aunt Mary could speak it like a native...and I've always wondered if I can too...

Now, at home, I'm delving into Journal of a Solitude*** (yes, it's time again) and The Bridges of Madison County (a new-to-me read) with Mimi on the floor batting around those silly little foam sherbert-colored balls which drive her batty, with Donovan being driven batty watching her. The house is relatively clean (it is never fully clean and tidy unless it's an hour before we're due to host a dinner party) and I have a warm pot of milky English Breakfast tea. The light is slowly fading, and I see a film in my future...

* Anne Truitt
** Sara Maitland
*** May Sarton