Wednesday, November 3

a bit of inward

I've been working on a more invigorating routine which involves me going for a long walk first thing in the morning, then taking a quick shower and getting right into the studio. It sidesteps all that hearty procrastination I'm so good at. I think I've finally outsmarted myself!

I've also removed my bedside clock, and in doing so, have removed all the late-night guilt I feel while reading far past bedtime with occasional glances at the clock to see how late it's getting. Now I can read away (which I'm going to do anyways) without ever knowing how late it's getting. In the mornings I can daydream, watching the blue square of sky out the window, and discern the sunshine on the walls to tell the hour, instead of seeing the hands ticking away my contentment.

(Why this obsession with time anyhow? I've half a mind to tape over the stove clock and go a whole day never knowing...)

There was a frost this morning riming the leaves in the shady places. This afternoon I traipsed around in the woods with Tim and the dogs ~ now, one planet shines white in the dusky sky as evening falls. I'm in the studio, piecing together poems ~ I've replaced the screens in the door with glass, and put the electric blanket on my side of the bed. (the cat is now inexorably drawn to it)

I'm looking forward to a bit of going inward coming up this winter, as things turn warm and woolley and indoorsy and the layers of clothing start coming out and colors flash from tights and scarves.

What are you looking forward to this coming season?