Thursday, November 4


Inside, I am bookmarked moths
Outside, I am beginning distantly
Inside, I am pacing birch
Outside, I am signs and titles
Inside, I am horizon invisible
Outside, I am otherwise there *

A rainy day with drips falling off the eaves ~ is a good place to be inside, tidying and working on projects and maybe reading a little, or perhaps watching a film (what I plan to do later)

The cat wants to be petted because she has come in from outside ~ i'm wet! I have chocolate chip scones warming in the oven for breakfast, and thoughts of Lady Grey tea. A pumpkin sits on the downstairs table next to the computer, next to a glass of colored pencils, scattered amongst local newspapers and odd bits of mail, headphones, a piece of yarn, Post-its, a box of licorice. It's a normal morning, quiet because neither Tim nor the dogs are yet up.

I do love that sound of rain.

*inside/outside poem by me :) try one! they're fun