Saturday, November 6

from the garden journal

We have a "garden journal" in which I write auspicious garden-y events ~ like when we see hawks in the backyard, or spot the first St. John's bloom, or pick the first pepper.

april 26
2008: first hummingbird of year spotted
2009: first lawn cut of the year (push-mower)

may 9
2008: spotted first male goldfinch of year on nyjer thistle feeder

june 13
2008: first california poppy bloom

july 5
2008: 24 blooms on one sunflower plant; first brocolli for dinner
2009: spotted first hummingbird at feeder

august 6
2009: first pesto made with garden basil; 6 goldfinches at once on thistle feeder

september 5
2009: monarch butterfly passed through garden

october 22
2010: first moonlit stroll with mittens on

...and for today ~

november 6
2010: first ice on the birdbath, spotted at 10:30am