Thursday, November 11

hawk mountain



Yesterday we went for a hike at Hawk Mountain ~ which is a place that tens of thousands of migratory birds of prey fly over each year on their autumnal flights to somewhere else. We didn't see many birds yesterday, but in august and september thousands per day pass by ~ and upwards of 2,000 people per day come to sit on the rocks on the mountaintop below, to watch and marvel at the numbers.

Of course we became members, and I'm putting a post-it on the calender for next year as a reminder to go and watch for ourselves. Until then, I think we'll probably be doing some more day hikes there, especially in the spring when the mountain laurel is in bloom. You just don't know how much fun it is to hike down a narrow lichen-covered rocky trail, serenaded by chipmunks, pegging acorns at your husband's hat and pretending it wasn't you.

*photo by Tim