Sunday, November 28

the rocker & the stove

Back from a crisp night walk taking the dogs down to the park ~ watching Orion in the cold sky, feeling warm and muffled in scarves (want one of these). We are greeted by a nasturtium-orange fire of coals and daffodil flames, and I curl up into the rocking chair I just found yesterday when I had a "feeling" I ought to stop by my favorite thrift shop. I made chocolate beet muffins this afternoon, and they are delicious, not beet-tasting, and a deep chocolate red color. Tim, and I quote, said, "This muffin is one of the best things I've eaten, ever."


I want to make these pancakes for breakfast at some point this week.

And, photos that have been inspiring me lately ~ One Two Three Four Five ~ and also this video.

What's making you smile these days?