Friday, December 10

the christmas tree

Our Christmas tree each year is becoming more and more unique. (Here is last year's tree.)

This year we're decorating our lovely indoor tree. I found Tree a few years back at the library squeezed into a tiny pot, tilting starboard, with a note tied to it saying help me! we cannot handle this tree anymore, free to good home, which the librarians put there. With the help of a fellow book-lover, I hoisted (most of) Tree into my car and slowly drove the mile home hoping I wouldn't get pulled over. I carefully repotted it and it now robustly brushes our 9-foot ceiling. (I periodically have to dust all its broad leaves with a damp cloth, an event I sidestep with all my other indoor plants by simply putting them out in a good rainstorm for an hour.)

I have to say I'm surprised by how many ornaments I got on there. I'm pretty sure it's thrilled with all the attention.