Friday, December 17

an evening in

Snowflakes sprinkle the garden while I throw another log on the fire and curl back up on the couch to continue sewing, half-listening to a movie. The cold has really settled in this week and I can feel my body adjusting, even to the point of running outside in my flannel pjs this morning to fill the bird feeder. I can hardly wait for one of my Christmas presents from Tim ~ a winter jacket, a welcome change to my usual practice of piling on sweaters until I'm stiff with wool. It's fun to anticipate it, knowing I've only got a few more days meanwhile of finagling the layers.

I'm looking forward to our celebration on the Solstice this tuesday (also our half-anniversary), which is when Tim and I do our gift exchange and 'celebrate the season.' (I love Amanda's take on it.) The Solstice is light, sunshine, and the outdoors ~ there will be a meteor shower and lunar eclipse this year! A long walk in the woods, possibly some Scrabble and definitely a dinner which includes biscuits are in order.

What are you looking forward to and enjoying these days?