Tuesday, December 21

happy solstice!

We're exchanging our many hidden and furtively wrapped gifts today. We exchange lists of "possibles" with each other, but in the end a lot of secret items get added. (I would be thrilled with a new box of tea to try, for example)

But most of all, I'm looking forward to enjoying ~

the morning sunshine streaming in downstairs
the warm flickering fickle flames of the stove
the scratchy feel of bringing logs in on my arm
sweet soft Mimi trying, once more, to get up onto my lap
the smooth feel of the Scrabble tiles
the smell of the damp woods earth as we walk the dogs
the crinkle of the Hershey's kiss wrappers as I just eat one more
the calm of diving into a good book for a little bit
discussing whether to eat in or go out (sushi?)
the concentration of a sewing or painting project for a few hours
stove-heated tea straight from my new tetsubin
getting some fresh air deep into my lungs
hanging out with Tim, who has the best sense of humor
listening to some good tunes on the record player
the excitement of opening my gifts!

do you have any special plans for today?