Sunday, December 19

tidying the treasures

Our decor changes with newly found treasures: a round rock, a twirled branch, a thrifted blanket. Stacks of books form and reform. Cups trail around after us. There is a flowing, fall-as-it-may philosophy around here. Our house is pretty pared down as over the years I've realized that I'm very aware of the stories and vibes that objects carry ~ aware of the feelings they produce in me, anyhow, since most of our things are thrifted and we don't know their history. But paying little for something means I can easily donate it back or pass it on, so I don't struggle with keeping something because it was expensive. My studio is in my home and I'm around our stuff in the house all day long ~ when I get tired of looking at a picture or a shell I put it away for the time being and put up new objects for refreshing company. Everything has its moment.

I notice that I start avoiding my studio when, in the course of working on things, it gets too bare, too crowded, too familiar or too boring. Then it's time to take a day and tidy and switch things up.

just thrifted this lovely wall shelf for little treasures

my fossilized sharks tooth (Carcharodon Megalodon) from my florida days,
found by my dad diving in the Gulf
in the days when you could keep such things

books to alter


finished altered books fill the top and
my journals fill the bottom shelf of this metal and brass thrifted bookshelf

a little leopard from a NYC flea market makes good company