Thursday, December 9

new york city

new york city

{Somer's red wine at Doma in Greenwich Village}

Chatting and wandering around New York City with an old friend can be the best of times. Somer and I chatted and sipped hot tea in the freezing cold weather speckled with snowflakes, bustling into filled cafes in early nightfall. I got there a few hours early (we both took buses) so I went to the Greenflea Market and bargained for goodies and ate tiny quiches. We opted to stay at the HI Hostel near Central Park, a quiet respite to come back to exhausted but happy each night, make a cup of tea, and change into flannel pj's. Early in the morning my first thought was to get out into the sunshine, and see what came up. So many interesting experiences ~ the heat and ease of the Metro, dogs in sweaters, a passing parade of scarves wrapped around each person's neck, oak seedlings in window boxes, the dancing through filled sidewalk crowds, cheese shops, and Greenwich Village:  The New York Earth Room (amazing!), a salmon omelette at Cafe Orlin, flourless chocolate cake at Doma, lunch at 'Snice.

hat pins

{collectible hat pins at the Greenflea Market}

I wouldn't be able to live in or endure the energy of NYC for long, (3 days is just about past my limit), and I am fascinated by the people who live there ~ how they live and what they do for leisure or interest. I love the people-watching: the little girl on the metro with her father and her cello, the woman in the incredible stilettos getting engagement pictures taken by the old houses in Washington Square Park, the women going home from the gym, the fathers wearing their babies, the children being picked up from school, the men standing outside the restaurants catching a smoke. I'm just passing through but these people live their lives each day in a concrete jungle navigating their favorite places, and to each one New York City means something different. It's a powerful sight.

But I'm so glad to be home.  :)