Monday, December 27

rice pudding snowfalls

our skies looked just like this today

The heat wavers off the stove as gusts of cold white wind blow snow curtains across the garden. The windowsills are piled high with white. The sun shone hard today.

Now I sit sipping lemon zinger tea while Tim makes a late dinner for himself, scraping together something in the cast iron pan and humming in the kitchen. The cat has not budged from her fireside floor rocker all day ~ having finally warmed through and through, she's not risking a chill. A few times during last night's snowing she came to me with melted snowflakes on her back.

I find the transition from Christmas to New Years a bit tricky so I've been cooking to liven things up. I made three new recipes this week for the first time:

1. whole wheat pancakes from scratch
2. beer bread
3. rice pudding (note to self ~ do not quadruple recipe next time)

my mom's recipe, her handwriting

Our Christmas was gentle, with forays to family and a quiet brunch hosted at home. I decided to spend Christmas Eve on my own at home since Tim worked. I had a lovely evening repairing a quilt in front of the fire, reading and listening to music (and paying attention to 2 dogs and a cat ~ not quite alone.) It was just about perfect.

And all day today I've been awaiting the delayed flight of a friend's visit, now delayed until tomorrow morning due to the large snowfall. Fresh sheets are folded on the guest bed and teacups are at the ready.

What are you enjoying this week?