Wednesday, December 22


My elbows rest on pizzelle crumbs as I sip a large stein of lemon zinger tea and watch the red heat of the stove burning down to coals. I do that a lot these days. The dogs are walked, as am I, and I had a good meaty day in the studio where everything clicked. I am grateful to have an open day tomorrow to get back in there, sunshine streaming, heater blasting, and get back to those poems ~

the strong, free sea birds go into the garden and
tree and thicket silence, into the arms of
the lost lady very quiet, and the birds
in these wilds and away watch the light pass
for an hour, simplicity of sunshine dying down
to a shrine.

The lunar eclipse yesterday morning was fantastic, and we watched curled up on our front stoop under a blanket with binoculars in hand. For about 15 minutes, that is, because it was cold! I kept popping outside to have a look at the happenings and we finally went to bed after 3am. The image of the orange moon was in my mind all throughout yesterday. We've passed the darkest night of the year. There's something uncanny about the early sunsets when I'm not feeling at all tired and the birds are singing.

For some reason yesterday my spring garden popped into my head, complete with a wall of lavender and rosemary interspersed with red poppies. I think I'll make it happen this year ~ I know just the place for it, with room for sunflowers in the middle.

During my downtime this week, I've been poking around and finding plenty of funny things ~

Please watch this clip, and have a tissue nearby because you will laugh until you cry.

Be inspired by those elbow patches and those shoes. And also this girl of sunshine ~ her turquoise, her necklace!

Read about the Playa Boy ~ a 17-month-old at Burning Man. I love this mindset.

I've been listening to the best Christmas cd ever (what are your favorite Christmas albums? I'd love some new ideas) and I'm looking forward to reading Wind, Sand and Stars, by Antoine-Saint-Exupery. It's on my pile. My tall, tall pile of half-finished books which is starting to glare at me.

And, well, this dog. And his sweater.

Hope you are enjoying your week!

:) brooke