Tuesday, January 25


from a camping trip last summer

I throw another log on the fire; it's a cold night here with both the cat and the dog curled up like cinnamon buns with their tails over their noses. I've been thinking about camping again ~ about how nice it is being barefoot and how green growing things and forest earth smell. About birds and water animals and furry things in the woods. Sunshine and dusk, cicadas and chipmunks, and how good fresh bread baked in the coals really is. About bare air on bare skin and lake-swimming and campfires. Mushrooms with red unfurling caps, late afternoon shadows, and watching the dogs silently sniff the breeze, nostrils quivering.

My big plan when we next go camping is to leave my Polaroid and digital cameras at home and only take my 35mm film camera. I like the philosophy behind it ~ be aware, wait, choose, compose, be selective. I like how it helps me see the world.

Soon, now, very, very soon.