Monday, January 3

sunlight to lamplight

the cup of tea
a cup of tea

Whew! Back in from the cold ~ walking Lucy who is a hard ship to steer when ther're snowbanks. And old rather grungy ones at that. I could go for a fresh snowfall to clean up the outdoors a bit. The bright light of mornings eventually shifts to the blue hour ~ that hour of dusk when I feel antsy. I find myself waiting for something, unsure what it is. Perhaps it is the vestiges of ancient genetics ~ needing to hustle to be warm and safe before nightfall. Then the mood passes. The evenings take on a different tone, more inward, cozier, warmer. I build the fire, make a cup of decaf tea, tidy, and look for something I can bring from the studio to work with on my lap while I watch an old familiar film ~ a collage I'm sewing is always a good choice. My eyes adjust from sunlight to lamplight. I wait far too long to make dinner and then have to whip up something ravenously. It would be nice to have a cook!

Lately I've been working on altered book poems. My desk is covered with little cut-out words and I have trained myself to not sigh over the work to keep the poems from blowing away ~ one of which is a guest post over at Missouri Bend Studio.

I've also been looking up feathery and owly things, updating my odds & bobs sidebar for january (to the right), and loving my new ozetta scarf.

How's your week going thus far?