Monday, January 17


A huge mixed green salad loaded with sliced carrots, avocado, and croutons, eaten while looking out the back window ~ I pretend I can see red poppies growing out in the garden, presently covered in ice. The blue jay visits, looking like he's in the militia in his azure jacket. Inside, Lucy licks up all the wood bits fallen onto the fireplace bricks. (I've tried to get her to stop, but she takes such obvious pleasure in it...)

A short brisk walk in the snowy streets, picking up twigs and sticks as I go to use as kindling. Home to bring in armfuls of firewood before tonight's snowfall. Admire the shot of yellow upstairs. Pull the frozen jar of home-made beet soup out of the freezer to thaw for tomorrow's snowed-in lunch. Write a few postcards. Make plans with Tim to go to the coffeeshop tomorrow. Curl up with some embroidery and a movie tonight.

Keeping busy here. How about you?