Saturday, January 1

the lucky fourteen, or, a year in review

mango-banana pancakes

storm over acadia

before 8 am

rock collecting

Muir Woods

These are my very favorite polaroids from this past year. I was trying to keep it to the top ten, but it was just too tough ~ I took, gulp, over 300 polaroids in 2010. I don't buy jewels or stay in swank hotels ~ polaroid film is my (non)guilty pleasure. I'm so glad that I found susannah's blog last year and discovered what an sx-70 polaroid land camera was. I'm also grateful that I've had the following women to inspire and challenge me with their words, lives and photographs this year:

I am very blessed to have lived a very full year. I have my health, my house, and my husband. I have warm friends, loyal pets, and beauty in my life. I have work that I love, and more clarity than ever before about my path and my passions.

Thank you for being here to share these things with me in this space.

xo brooke