Saturday, January 22

Spare Oom*, silence and thrifting

Tim in the spare room

Our spare room is quite small (as you can see), and we keep it sparse. The light is lovely in there. It's respected as a quiet space ~ if we're both in there reading or thinking or drinking tea, there won't be any talking. I really love this room. I love the idea of it ~ to bring silence and thought into daily life, to stop and be observant, and to be with someone (myself or Tim) without putting it all into words. A lot can happen in silence.

Right now I'm sipping pink tea from a polka-dotted cup in front of a deep orange fire with a newly thrifted cobalt-blue wool blanket over my knees. Mimi's next to me balancing on a pillow and pretending she's not trying to get onto my lap. This afternoon I popped an audiobook into my car and drove off intent on visiting a local museum at which I never arrived, getting distracted at thrift shops along the way and finally turning for home at 5 pm, car laden with treasures. I snagged a perfect-condition golden-upholstered yellow rocking chair for $7 ~ it has very smooth worn wooden arms which the previous owners must have worn off during hours of rocking. I love furniture with history.

Thrifting is the biggest and best treasure hunt. I feel like a little kid every time.

Have you found any treasures lately?

*Spare Oom is from The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe.