Wednesday, January 26

winter dreaming

today's snowfall

A few weeks ago, I took a class on Himalayan singing bowls held in an old local church. My attention was riveted on the three windows, their deep windowsills filled with aloes, jades, geraniums and plant pots of every charming ceramic sort. Today an errand took me past the church and I happened to have my Spectra camera with me ~ I slid my way up the snowy walk and went inside before realizing that it was out of film. But I will not give up on this! I will make another attempt at some point...

I spend a lot of time on my own in the house and could really go for some kind of event where I could dress up a bit, maybe wear my woollen dress with colorful stockings and my beloved Danskos. I'd love to have a pair of mittens like these to cheer up these wintry days too.

I just ordered some items from Gaia Herbs online and now want to visit their farm in North Carolina. I can see myself driving there this summertime to see the fields of flowering plants. Maybe doing some camping on the way.

Another place within driving distance that I want to visit when the weather warms up is Serpent Mound in Ohio. And The Cloisters in Manhattan. And Spain, I want to go to Spain. Just putting it out there.