Monday, January 31

yarrow and finch

a birdie told me

A cup of tea and time to write, time to slow down. I woke up with such a vision of clarity about my life ~ the kind of clear sight that can't be forced or begged. It simply showed up when I woke up, a big change from how muddled I've been lately. The winter blues are gone and I can think again! I spent the afternoon writing ~ what I want more of, what I want less of, and how I can do that. Remember to take breaks, check in with myself, to drink enough water. To get a daily walk. I have needed this clear overview.


I've had this percolating in my mind for a little bit now ~ I find so much fantastic stuff thrifting and most of it I just gaze at or hold for a minute before putting it back on the shelf. There's just too much good stuff for one person's home.

Enter Yarrow and Finch. My new used little shop for treasures from the thrift shops, estate sales and flea markets that find me.

Simply spoken, it'll be filled with things I myself would use and love. That's my criteria. It's my style of things: lots of Pyrex, Fire-King, turquoise and silver, brass animals, unusual jewelry, and lots of wooden and embroidered things. Each object has spoken to me in some way and that's why it's there ~ because of its quality, its quirkiness, its beauty or its story. It's something I would have in my own house. There are actually a few things that I just couldn't bring to place there and kept (that FireKing mug with the baltimore oriole...) But overall, this feels like an absolutely perfect flow and fit to me. I get to pass on treasures to the people they want to find.

I was going to wait a little longer to share, since I've yet loads to put in ~ it takes time to photograph, edit, measure, etc., but things are selling already and I go!

If this is your thing, you're invited!