Tuesday, February 1

cozy winter


Some people might say that a third pot of tea is too much in one day. But some days just call for it. I made pancakes with blueberries for breakfast, and we're waiting for more snow and rain to begin. The wood has been brought in, Tim just started the fire, and one dog has been walked. We're getting there.

While I sit at the downstairs table and work, I've been watching the birds at the feeder ~ silhouettes of muted color against the snowbanks. They are hungry and flock in when they see me throw seed. It's a cozy kind of day. Tim's all curled up by the fire with a woollen blanket on his lap, reading, and Mimi's doing reconnaissance to achieve his lap.

I'm slowly photographing new work to put into the shop (my art shop, that is) ~

altered book ladder

It is just way too easy to stay on the computer during these long winter days. I keep checking out this blog ~ it's summer in New Zealand.

And I've just started the five week course Get Your Paint On, run by Lisa Congdon and Mati McDonough. Just thought I'd shake things up a bit. I haven't painted in a while.

Also, check out the new words to shoot by ~ it's up.

Hoping your corner of the world is filled with sunshine. :)