Friday, February 11

loosestrife and purple corduroys


me at the lake in ontario

It's a sunny day today so I moved the cat out of the sunbeam on the bed this morning and soaked it up myself. The presence of the sun is such a cheerer. I'm about to walk the dog ~ my car's in the shop getting some work done (these winter roads!) so I'm car-less for the morning. Later I need to work on some framing and matting of pieces for the show opening in just over 3 weeks. The kitchen starts getting renovated on Monday ~ finally getting butcher-block counters! (& new floor & new cupboards) And I think Tim and I, and dogs of course, will be taking a road trip soon down to Florida to do some camping. I grew up down there so it feels like home to me.

That's the speed of my life right now, rather busy and pithy. I found this photo above of myself hanging out by the lake in the 80's amongst the loosestrife plumes, barefoot and breezy. I can't wait to do something like that soon. (looks like I definitely need a pair of purple corduroys.)